I have 10+ years of designing websites for a wide variety of industries including hospitality, restaurants and high tech.  In those 10+ years I have built or architected a number web applications using a variety of technologies and databases.

However, over the years, I’ve learned that most web designers, while highly talented, don’t understand the fundamental necessity of usable websites.  The lack of usable design results in visitors getting frustrated and leaving the website altogether.  An unfortunate side-effect may be designs that are unfriendly to search engines.

Needless to say, visitors who leave a site because they can’t figure it out and websites that can’t be seen by search engines are highly undesirable.

Practicing the design principals that are commonly attributed to industry leaders like Jakob Nielsen and Jared Spool, as well as the information design principals of Edward Tufte, I design pages that are usable and search engine friendly by using standards based design.  My experience in creating user friendly and search engine friendly websites can help you gain the upper edge in a competitive market.

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