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2011 Accelerate San Francisco

Went to the first ever Accelerate conference on web analytics in San Francisco. Extremely thankful to Web Analytics Demystified and their sponsors, TeaLeaf, OpinionLab and Ensighten for providing the free event.

Saw some old friends, met a lot of great people and learned a bunch of new things, but most importantly, things that re-inforces things I’ve learned on my own with both web analytics and web analytics implementation. Being relatively new into the hardcore aspects of this, it was enlightening to know that there were a ton of people who sort of “fell” into this exciting new are in business. It sounded like there are lots of opportunities to advance and lead in digital measurement, not to mention identify new ways of how we can and should measure various web activities. I’m going to start sharing various words of wisdom I come across in this area through my blog.

One of the more humorous ones was why web analytics is like a cake:

Omniture SiteCatalyst tips and tricks: Data Filter

The data filter in Omniture is one of the most cryptic pieces of functionality in the tool. After trying to figure out a problem I had with advanced filters, I discovered something new and really useful:

  • You can place logical operators in a single line to built up an argument. The caveat is the operator (AND / OR) must be in capital letters, otherwise SiteCatalyst thinks its a filter value.
  • You can remove specific items containing specific values from showing up by appending a “-” followed by the term. For example, if I wanted to display all homepages identified with “Homepage” but not display pages that had “kitty” in the title, I could specific something to the effect of “Homepage -kitty”. The results will display all pagenames with “Homepage” but exclude all pagenames that have the word “kitty”. Pretty nifty!