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Summing up web analytics and the web products you use

I was sitting trying to figure out how to sum up what I do as a web analytics architect and engineer. When friends and family who are not in the industry ask what I do, it can be difficult to explain. I was trying to craft a statement that’s simple enough to understand but simple enough to understand without getting into messy details. What came to mind was a media campaign by BASF in the late 90’s explaining they don’t make the everyday products we all use, but they have a hand in making them better.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to apply this line of thinking to web analytics. While at one point in my career, I’ve been part of teams that built products you may have used, my current role is in figuring out what to measure, how to measure and either code it myself, or work with a team to put the tracking in place. The resulting data is then used to identify what works, what doesn’t and identify behaviors that resulted in a good result or in the bad result.

Here’s what I came up with:

I’ve designed pages, experiences and applications for the web, and I’ve built them.

Today, I make it possible to measure, report and provide insight.

Product design and technology make a product.
What I do helps build a better product.

Strategy and marketing build a campaign.
What I do makes it possible to measure success.