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HP Envy 15 – Sure looks like a Macbook Pro


To help celebrate Windows 7, HP is entering the stylish PC market with the HP Envy line of PCs by stealing the sexy good looks of Apples Macbook Pro line of notebooks. Looks good, and appears to be powerful, but with the bountiful selection of Windows notebooks available, is $1500+ for a Mac-ish PC worth it? Time will tell, but the question remains – will consumers pay the Apple tax for an HP.

I have to admit, they look sleek and sexy.

See Gizmodo’s initial reaction to HP’s announcement.

Canon Zoombrowser Error – ZB Module Stopped Working

If you use the Canon Zoombrowser and have come across the dreaded “ZB Module Stopped Working” error, you might be in luck.

I came across a great write-up on why this problem comes up and how to solve it. In short, the problem appears to be with Windows Vista’s WCS color management system. I was able to fix the problem by simply using the system default setting for my display devices. I never saw improvements in color despite trying different profiles, so no loss.

Read Why does Canon ZoomBrowser EX always crash on Vista?

The Mojave Experiment

When I first saw the commercial for the "Mojave Experiment", I thought it was extremely cool… at least from a selfish perspective. If people didn’t understand part of what I had been doing for the past 6 years, I can point them to the commercial! From that perspective, it would be interesting to see the other things that were said, not just the positive.

That said, I don’t know what techniques or methods they used, but anyone who’s written a report detail the conclusions and recommendations for these types of studies has probably learned that biases going into the focus group/testing tends to taint the outcome. It may be the case that if these studies were real, the onset of the study may have been tainted if the premise was to show that Vista is better than XP. Questions and the way the study was scripted and conducted would lead to the conclusion that the research team sought. Worse, if the intent of the study was to prove that Vista was better than XP in order to support a marketing campaign, then the outcome would most certainly be heavily biased towards a positive outcome for Vista.

From an advertising perspective, it’s very reminiscent of the old Folger’s commercials where an unsuspecting victim’s coffee was replaced with instant coffee. Like the Folger’s commercial, the problem with this particular awareness campaign is that while you can "switch" the product, no one is fooled by a potentially lesser substitute — Folger’s instant coffee vs high-quality, freshly brewed coffee. Instant coffee tastes like instant coffee.


In this case, while the people in the commercial may have liked certain features of Vista, there’s no mention of what they liked… just a small selection of unqualified ambiguous statements. Depending on how the study was conducted, the features were were probably pointed out by the the study’s facilitators. If the study was to determine whether these features worked as expected, fair enough, but to judge an overall operating system, that’s tough.

In the end, the reality is no one is fooled by freeze-dried coffee… Microsoft should probably have used another technique to improve the public’s impressions of their product…

The Mojave Experiment